Home Remedies For Bunions

Bunions hurt. To lessen the discomfort you feel, you should learn how to soothe the irritation and treat the inflammation around the big toe’s joint.

There are products on the market that address the metatarsal’s position but just inhibit the condition from advancing rather than reversing the condition. The only true way to rectify a bunion is through surgery.

To Remedy The Symptoms And Avoid Having Bunion Surgery, Here Are Some Solutions:

1Wear Bunion Pads. Bunion symptoms mostly result from the pain resulting from the bunion region rubbing against the shoe.

Because of this, there is redness, blistering, swelling, and pain. Bunion pads can relieve the discomfort because it acts as an effective cushiony barrier between the bunion and the shoe.

You can get a bunion pad made of moleskin or felt. It is simply placed over the bunion area before you put on your footwear.

Gel pads serve the same purpose, but they are more durable and highly reusable. Generally, all bunion pads are helpful for any degree of bunions.

Dissolving bunions

2Insert Toe Spacers. You can relieve the pressure in the second toe as the big toe realigns back to normal by placing a silicone toe spacer between the two toes.

Gel toe spacers can last a long time. If they have loops, you can attach them to the second toe or big toe.

These spacers work more effectively when the big toe has diverged during the bunion’s early stages before it becomes fixed.

Dissolving bunions

3Put on Arch Supports. Flat feet are more susceptible to developing bunions. You can put arch inserts in your shoes or wear footwear with arch support to help your condition.

Structural support can keep the bones in their proper alignment, retarding the progress of bunions. A podiatrist can give you a custom-made orthotic for your foot.

These do not correct the bunions, but they do help retard the advancement of the bunion and help you walk with ease.

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4Bunion Splints. This is a specially designed device that a person usually wears while sleeping. It pushes your big toe into its normal position. Various bunion splint designs are out on the market.

Some push the big toe to its proper alignment while others pull it back. Choose what you deem most comfortable and most effective for you since you must wear it while you sleep.

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Do Bunion Correctors Really Work?

As with any gentle bone and tissue manipulation, bunion correctors are not magic. They are solutions meant for long-term use. They won’t correct the bunion, but they will stop your bunion from getting worse.

Feet Exercises Or Feet Yoga For Bunions

5 Foot Exercises / Feet Yoga – along with the home remedies mentioned above – you can restore the flexibility of your big toes and reduce the size of the bunion over time. You can try these Bunions feet exercises regularly to help strengthen the muscles in your feet and slow down the progression of the bunion.

How To Do It:

  • Grab a narrow strap (like a dog leash or a belt) and take it down to your feet. Take the strap between your big toe and your second toe. Bring the feet so they’re fairly close together & parallel.
  • Next, crisscross your strap and as you crisscross your strap, open up the toes and taking the toes wide while keeping your heels grounded. So, you’re putting a lot of space between the toes.
  • The toes are moving nice and wide, you’ll see how much space you’re putting between the big toe and the second toe specifically, really works on that area.
  • Hold this pose for about 5 to 7 breaths and then you’re gonna come out and do some toe lifts, up and down. Spread your toes, let them rest a bit and do this routine once again 5 more times.
  • You can do this pose either standing or seated.

How To Do It:

  • Take your fingers between your toes, even you get them in there a little bit between the toes, it helps.
  • Take the feet up and down with the fingers between the toes, so again you’re creating space.
  • Another thing is good is to take one hand to the big toe and the other hand to the second toe and open up this area again. This is another thing you can do

How To Do It:

  • Bring your feet parallel and hip width apart (you’ll know your feet are truly parallel when second toe is aligned with the center of the ankle, that’s the nice marker on this.
  • Shift your weight to the left foot and you can be at the wall to take support. And then bring your opposite foot up so the toes are tucked under. Doing this will stretch the top part of the foot.
  • This is the area of the foot that doesn’t get stretched so much because we spend too much time walking and using those muscles.
  • Hold this pose 5 to 7 breaths. After 5 to 7 breaths, come out and take the toes wide.
  • Shift your weight to the foot that you just did and then come to the opposite foot and again hold that side for about 5 to 7 breaths, then you come to the center and go ahead take this sequence 3 times on each side.